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        Stand with Wuhan---A letter from Hanane Thamik
        Author:Hanane Thamik  Date:2020-02-04  Clicks:

        The King of Morocco ordered to evacuate the Moroccan citizens from Hubei province.

        Yesterday, 171 Moroccan citizens left Hubei but Hanane decided to stay in Wuhan University for many reasons.

        She said: “I own a lot to China and Chinese people. China is my second country; I love this country very much. I can’t leave the people whom believed on me and proud of me. By staying here, I want to show to those who think badly about China, that I’m not afraid to stay with Chinese people. I’m sure that they will take care of me as a Chinese citizen. I will never forget the first time when I got ill in China, 10 Chinese friends took me to the hospital. I will never forget professor Hu, the dean of school of international when he said that I will achieve my goals. I will never forget professor Wu , my supervisor who helped me and sent me a letter of acceptance at 2 am just to get a scholarship and realized my dream .I will never forget my Chinese aunt who opened the door of her house when I was struggling in Wuhan . I will never ever forget all Chinese people whom helped me. My mom is supporting me and she prays for China “.

        Hanane is urging people to stop posting negative news about China and believe in this country. The leaders of China are smart and they’re dealing with this situation carefully. The doctors are hard working and they’re trying their best. The cure corona virus developed successfully to cure a patient, everyone will be better soon.

        Hanane Thamik from Morocco is, one of the excellent international students of Wuhan University, the outstanding African student in China 2018, the winner of the Cultural achievement award by UNESCO 2018, one of the successful 54 young people around the world who has been selected to participate in the training program of The United Nations in Switzerland, the belt and road tourism ambassador 2019 and Wuhan promotion ambassador 2017.

        Hanane is a very famous person in her country. You may find a lot of articles about her in Google, Instagram and Baidu.

        Hanane said that last week, she received a call from her embassy to ask whether she is fine and if she needs something. They’re asking about her everyday.

        She is saying to Wuhan time that the Chinese government and Wuhan University are very good. The teachers are caring a lot about their safety. Wuhan University is providing free masks, treatment and three meals per day and the students are taking all the precautions adviced.

        Excerpted from www.WuhanTime.com


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